The Pros of Wearing Tummy Slimming Bathing Suits

The Pros of Wearing Tummy Slimming Bathing Suits

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Do you shy away from going to the beach? Are you often shroud in clothing because you’re afraid of what people might think about you in a bathing suit? Don’t allow that to dampen your mood or prevent you from having the time of your life with family and friends.

You don’t need to be a size 2 to sport a swimsuit and look darn good doing it. You don’t need the slimmest, well-trimmed, or toned stomach, either. Regardless of your body composition, you can wear a swimsuit and own it.

What’s the secret sauce?

Tummy slimming bathing suits.

These inventions are lifesavers for women who want to look and feel comfortable, rather than worry about their tummies. Why should you choose a one-piece tummy control bathing suit for your next beach visit? And what is the best tummy control swimsuit we recommend?  

Why Choose Tummy Slimming Bathing Suits?

A tummy slimming bathing suit is a great investment for more plumped women. Let’s explore a few reasons why that’s the case.

1. Compresses the Stomach

A one-piece tummy control swimsuit compresses the stomach. However, this isn’t the case with every one-piece swimwear. The right fabric must be used to bring to life the ideal tummy-compressing beach costume.  

Our bathing suit “Heroine”, for example, was made with a special fabric called neoprene. In addition to the material’s durability, neoprene’s cinching feature holds and aligns the tummy in place. It presses against the stomach, giving you a leaner, slimmer fit in the mid-section.

As a matter of fact, most fitness trainers use neoprene clothing to aid in weight loss, so you can be confident that your tummy will be snatched, instead of bulging when you suit up.

2. Gives the Illusion of a Leaner Figure

A compression swimsuit paints illusions. For plus-sized women (or those with a bulging stomach) this is a hit. As the tummy tucks and tightens inward, the abdominal region flattens. Hence, the illusion of a poised and flushed stomach is given.

Overall, a similar effect to that of a corset or shapewear is achieved, making things more presentable.

3. Enhances Body Confidence

The best tummy control swimsuit goes beyond the surface (how it makes you look). It affects how you feel when you lounge to soak up a good tan, pose for a picture, or interact with others. It should boost morale and self-esteem.

When you jump into a compression swimsuit, your confidence should blow through the roof and anxiety vanish. You’re guaranteed that your swimsuit has your back.

With absolutely nothing to worry about, an unexplained peace of mind will set in. You’re no longer taken up with body consciousness. Your mind is put at ease, knowing that you don’t have to contend with a bulging stomach.

This sort of confidence is unmatched, as it allows you to focus on building beautiful memories, rather than an unhealthy body fixation.

4. Comfortable to Wear

If you’ve ever worn a waist trainer, you know the discomfort associated with the ordeal. You want your tummy to stay in place but without feeling choked.

Worst case scenario, you could pass out.

The ideal tummy slimming bathing suit should hold snug, but not snatch the life out of you.

Thankfully, the neoprene material we use for our designs is stretchy. This gives ample twisting and twirling room. The material’s light feel ensures you don’t feel burdened or bogged down in your beach attire.   

MBM Swim Heroine Swimsuit

Heroine - $175



The Best Swimsuit to Hide Tummy Bulge

The best swimsuit to hide a tummy bulge should come wrapped as an entire package. At MBM Swim, we don’t just design swimwear. We give women the entire experience.

You get to enjoy beachwear that combines luxury, elegance, trends, and tummy-cinching features.  

Your confidence is taken up a notch, you’re comfortable, and can portray a more vibrant, upbeat persona—all while enjoying quality beach time.

Whether you’re a recent mom, plus-sized woman, or simply looking for additional tummy support, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with this swimsuit.

We recommend you give “Heroine” a try. She was made specifically for brave women; women who aren’t afraid to embrace it all and be courageous. Most importantly, she was designed to support women like you.