6 Luxury, High-Cut One-Piece Swimsuits That Grab Attention

One-piece bathing suits have stood the test of time. They were the celebrated, superior swimsuits of the 1800s, as they aligned with societal norms. These were concealing, modest, and made for the prude.

Fast forward to the 21st century, one-piece swimsuits are still in business, but with an erotic, fiery, and flirty twist. With so many fabulous, sultry designs to choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

No sweat!

We’ve spotlighted 6 head-turning, high-cut one-piece swimsuits from MBM Swim that’ll make you drool.


Karma thong one piece swimsuit in neon and Fuchsia
Karma - $145
If sassy and classy is the game, then “Karma” is her name. This high-cut one-piece swimsuit brings a whole lot of sauce…and cheeks. Karma was designed for the daring and bold; women who take pride and comfort in their skin.

This flashy design is available in vibrant fuchsia and neon colors (a combination of light yellow and green). These colors capture the essence of a woman’s fun and vibrant nature. Yet, the colors are easy on the eyes and attention-grabbing.

Karma’s well-structured top design holds the bust in place, with a high-cut waist to accentuate the curves. It comes equipped with a strap for bustier women wanting a bit more security. However, this isn’t necessary, as the top is reinforced with silicone elastic to keep your babies in place.

The thong design at the back offers an eagle-eye view to the bums. Gorgeous!

Karma isn’t just a swimsuit. The design’s versatility makes for a great night out when paired with palazzo pants to reveal less skin or skimpy denim shorts for a more sensual look.

2. Heroine

MBM Swim Heroine Swimsuit

Heroine - $175



“Heroine” represents women of strength and ferocity. Women with bigger busts and booty flock to this one-piece, as it offers the femininity and coverage needed to strut their stuff on a beach. Finally, a swimsuit that curvier women can feel confident sporting!

The unique, corset-like design of Heroine keeps the mid-section in check, which sculpts the tummy and waist in perfect alignment. This is achieved by integrating neoprene into the design. Plus, you can never go wrong with a classic black and white combo.

The bottom of the design is well-structured. At a glance, it may appear to be a shirt worn within a corset, but the top is attached to the bottom, so everything is held in place. Tussle and roll in the sand as you see fit, it won’t come loose.

3. Serenity 

MBM Swim Serenity swimsuit in Taupe

Serenity - $135



Can you feel the serenity in the air? That’s exactly what this high-cut one-piece swimsuit represents for women when it hits the eyes.

Serenity hangs diagonally across the shoulders as a one-strap one-piece. Space is distributed unevenly in the back, leaving more skin to the left. The elegant design conceals most of the bust in the front, leaving just a glimpse of breast exposed mid-cleavage.

The design is available in a strong black and subtle taupe that reflects the earth--peaceful and calm.

Serenity is easily disguised as an elegant blouse and worn to semi-casual occasions with just the right bottom and blazar (or without, depending on preference).

4. Crave 

MBM Swim Crave one-piece Swimsuit

Crave - $145



The high cut at the bikini line is extra deep. However, this is disguised by sandwiching the mid-section with cream/ivory-like color on both sides, making the swimsuit a tri-color design at the waist and bikini line.

The back design is sporty, almost like a racerback appeal, with shoulder blades separated along the middle by a strip of white fabric that attaches the bottom to the top.

This one-piece is delicious, and although not a thong, the bottom leaves nothing for the imagination.

5. Rebel 

MBM Swim Rebel high cut black one piece swimsuit
Rebel - $150



“Rebel” is a high-cut one-piece swimsuit that caresses the skin. Unlike a true-bred rebel, this bathing suit conforms to your curves. The waist is slimming, which keeps the tummy in check, and the high cut accentuates the bikini line while giving the appearance of a slender look.

The detailed waistline is fashionable, almost resembling a fastened mini belt. Rebel is available in two colors, namely black, and white that’s lined with black material around the waist and shoulder region.

The straps form an X in the back that runs off at the sides of the swimsuit and connects to the waist. Overall, Rebel is a trendy design for women who want to have a tantalizing, yummy beach appearance.


MBM Swim white high cut swimsuit white Zen
Zen - $140



Women step into their happy place with Zen.

The front design of the bathing suit is almost made like a window that opens the cleavage. The design is minimal, with just enough detail in the front and waist to attract attention.

Zen is strapless but provides ample support for the top, as it’s equipped with boning and silicone elastic for security. This holds everything firm in the bust region.

The elastic in the waistline is cinching, which sculpts the tummy. The Latin or Brazilian-cut bottom doesn’t provide full coverage to the bum but is sufficient for a woman to feel comfortable and confident.

Overall, a minimal design for women to take with them to their happy place.


For more high-cut one-piece swimsuit options, take a look at our swimwear collection. There’s something there for everyone, so don’t be afraid to get comfy on the website; we don’t bite.