How To Properly Care For Your Swimwear

5 Common Mistakes To Avoid

Investing in quality swimwear and properly caring for them can go a long way in reducing textile waste and pollution. Most people don’t know how to properly care for their swimwear, but we’ve got the skinny. Follow these guidelines to avoid common mistakes that are shortening the life of your swimwear.

Read care label For best care of swimwear1. Not reading the care label

Most people don’t bother to read let alone follow the care instructions, but this is the first step in preserving the integrity of your swimwear over time. If your label is faded or unreadable, it will be a safe bet to assume it says to hand wash in cold water, and air dry in shade. Do not dry clean, do not tumble dry, do not iron, and do not bleach. 

Do not use harsh detergents to care for swimwear2. Using harsh detergents

Some detergents have chemicals that will slowly eat away at the fibers. Over time, this can affect your swimsuit’s shape, and elasticity. It is recommended to use a gentle detergent, or one specifically formulated for swimwear. It will remove harmful chlorine, won’t fade the colors, and ultimately extend the life of your swimwear. 

3. Sitting poolside

Nothing ruins a swimsuit like sitting or leaning against a rough poolside surface. Swimwear fabric is knitted, so it’s easily susceptible to pilling; causing those little fuzzy lint-like balls. To avoid this, do not sit or lean along the edge of a pool. You can easily avoid this by simply putting a towel down before you sit. 

4. Not cleaning immediately

It’s ideal to hand wash your swimwear immediately after use. We know this isn’t always practical to do, but if you are in a pinch, a quick rinse in cold water is better than nothing. Tanning oils, Chlorine, and other pool chemicals are harmful to the fibers of your swimsuit so don’t let it linger there any longer than it has to. 

5. You’re drying it wrong

It’s common practice to lay your swimwear out in the sun to dry. Although swimwear is meant to be worn in the sun, excessive sun exposure can fade colors and break down the fibers. You should also never twist, wring, or hang your swimwear to dry. This will stretch and distort the shape of your swimsuits. To safely expedite the drying process, try gently rolling it up in a towel to coax out excess water. Unroll and lay flat to dry in a well-ventilated area away from the sun.

Now that you know how to properly care for your swimsuits, shop our line of luxury swimwear and enjoy them for years to come!